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Virtual Reality varies from augmented reality. In virtual reality applications, the real world is completely blocked out and a virtual world is created, whereas in Augmented reality adds to the already existing real world. The major driving force of the virtual reality in Indian market are advancements in computer technology and internet connectivity. In the healthcare industry there has been a continuous increase in demand for virtual reality applications. The consumer demand for virtual reality apps in the mobile industry is another direct cause for the growth in the VR market.

There are numerous industries where virtual reality applications has been used. Automotive, retail and e-commerce, marketing, medical, education, gaming, entertainment, media, military and defense are some of them. Some of the above mentioned fields where VR is applied is familiar, and some are completely naive. We at Xenium Digital have recognized that one of the best ways clients can make use Virtual Reality Technology is by applying it for their architecture and real estate projects. Here, potential consumers can live and feel your projects from inside as if it already exists.

To provide clients with best virtual reality applications for their brands, Xenium Digital has partnered with world’s leading Virtual Reality expertise WorldViz. WorldViz is the only 3D visualization company in the world making their own interactive 3D content creation software platform, and real-time motion tracking product series. Their 3D graphics help clients and businesses to understand information better and foster communication between designers, engineers, and management teams.

WorldViz’s Vizard Virtual Reality Software Toolkit helps build interactive virtual reality simulations. In virtual reality, display and tracking go hand in hand. Tracking brings your display to life by letting it react to your natural body motions. In addition, Vizard offers one of the industry’s most useful 3D asset inspector that is the fastest way to view 3D models, examine their graph structure, identify inefficient polygon and texture usage, and preview built-in animations. Their other Corner Cave VR System is an immersive, interactive 3D experience theatre that requires practically no footprint. One can explore virtual worlds naturally by walking and interacting with your hands to manipulate objects. Enjoy fast and smooth head-tracking with their ultra-light 3D Eyes, and touch objects with the ergonomic Wand for intuitive, spot-on hand-manipulation.

The scope of Virtual Realities possibilities is definite. Let’s take a look at it.

Virtual reality Architecture & Business: Virtual reality applications can be extremely useful to architectures and businesses. Clients can create a virtual project of their construction site, factories, industrial site, hotels, real estate, rooms and restaurants. These virtual projects can help your consumers visualize the project in the real world.
Military and Virtual reality: Training Soldiers for dangerous and combat situations. This can be done without the risk of death and injury in a make believe virtual world.
Education and Virtual reality: Nowadays education has moved far ahead from books, pens and pencils. The increasing use of interactive technology at a young age has opened up doors to virtual classrooms for teaching and educating the students.
Healthcare and Virtual Reality: Robotic Surgery, Phobia treatment, patient therapy and Skills training for doctors and nurses are the different ways in which healthcare industry makes use of virtual reality apllications.
Entertainment and Virtual Reality: It’s all about attracting consumers and engaging them with your product or brand.

  • Games
  • Art Galleries
  • Theater
  • Museums
  • Theme parks

Fashion and Virtual reality: These realistic displays of the virtual world of fashion can be as glamorous as the real one with

  • Virtual Fashion Stores
  • Virtual 3D models to help with designing
  • 3D portfolios

Engineering and Virtual reality: Virtual reality Engineering helps engineers view their projects and designs in 3D. They are mainly used by car and rail manufacturers, civil, automobile and  mechanical engineers. Prototyping is a very common procedure where Virtual reality is utilized.
Sports and Virtual reality: In Sports, virtual reality applications can be applied for two purposes, one being for training and the other for equipment design and innovation. Equipment Design & innovation involves designing of sports equipment, shoes and clothes for better performance.
Films and Virtual reality: Everyone is aware of virtual reality applications in super hit films like The Matrix Series, TRON.  The renowned television program Star Trek. The Next Generation is also known for its Holodeck a virtual recreational room. VR in films is used to enhance the whole viewer experience. It can be used to create a fictional situation such as a space or a futuristic society of the year 2250. Here there are no limitations to where you want your user’s mind to wander.
Oculus Rift: The Oculus Rift is a next-generation virtual reality headset designed for immersive gaming. This technology is wearable and affordable.

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