Promotional campaign for upcoming Porus TV serial

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Project Overview

Name: Promotional campaign for upcoming Porus TV serial
Date: Nov’17
Technology: Augmented Reality
Client: SONY Entertainment


Incorporating Augmented Reality in our daily lives is still a big question for many technological firms, because technology hasn’t yet reached the point where it’s cheap enough for the masses. But when it comes to deal with entertainment business, the story is bit different. The entertainment industry has been using augmented reality and virtual reality for almost a decade now, hence a very renowned entertainment company Sony used Augmented Reality technology for promotional campaign of their upcoming TV serial “Porus”. Sony’s upcoming TV serial Porus became talk of the town, when the people actually got a chance to witness the India of 350 BC. Being the most expensive Prime Time show ever, Sony wanted to advertise it with a punch. So it was thought, nothing better than giving the audience an experience to get transported to India of 350 BC.


Xenium Digital excellently occupied this opportunity to maximize user engagement hereby providing a realistic historic experience of an India before 350 BC. The following activity was conducted across 5 major cities like Mumbai, Agra, Varanasi, Ludhiana and Amritsar. In order to provide a chance to the audiences to step into the world of Porus, a huge display screen was placed with HD Camera’s mounted on top of this screen showing the users live feed. A point was marked in front of the LED where the user had to stand. People who came and stood on the marked zone could see their live feed on the huge LED screen. As soon as they saw their feed on the display screen, they could get a feel of being present in the era of 350 BC India.

This immersive experience started off with them seeing themselves on a ship floating over an ocean passing through the Nandi Hills. They could interact with the eagle emerging from the sky or they found themselves on a swamp with a crocodile emerging from behind the weeds and crawling towards them. They were then transitioned from outside the kingdom to inside the Paurava palace where participants could find their self immersed in the activities conducted inside the palace and drawn on the actual war front, where they could interact with the show’s lead character i.e. Porus and Alexander. This entire activity gave the audience a quick glimpse of the unheard story of Porus defending his kingdom against the prince who never lost any battles, Alexandra. Augmented Reality can enable the audiences to experience and interact with show i.e. set, action and characters. That’s why the future of entertainment industry associated with augmented reality look exciting.

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