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Project Overview

Name: On Ground Augmented Reality
Date: Jul’12
Technology: Augmented Reality
Brand: Zee
City: Mumbai, Delhi


Zee TV last year launched its horror show Fear Files. To promote the same, an on-Ground promotional activity was proposed by Xenium Digital. It was thought that the best way to promote a horror show would be to give the people a scary experience, hence Xenium Digital shaped an Augmented Reality On-Ground Application to create the horror experience and interaction, to have long lasting effect on the minds of the people.

On-Ground Augmented Reality

In 2012, Zee TV launched a horror show called Fear Files, it is a show based on paranormal experience. Their marketing campaign involved print, viral marketing, ambient branding, television, DTH advertising, cinema hall promotion along with digital – social media initiatives and exclusive use of augmented reality to maximize engagement.

Zee Fear Files partnered with Xenium Digital to execute this Augmented Reality Engagement Activity. The activity was planned to make the best use of technology and provide a real horror experience for the audience. For this event a closed room was set up in malls. Inside the enclosed room, huge display screen along with a camera were mounted on the wall. At the opposite end of it a marker was placed. Once the person enters the room and steps on the marker, he could see his live-feed on the screen, with an apparition suddenly appearing from his behind. The apparition would do some gesture (resembling a witch trick action), making the person disappear on the screen. The Apparition’s moments are designed to interact and induce a sense of fear within the person. The sound effects used also enhanced the effectiveness of the content, giving the audience a complete frightening experience.

This On-Ground Augmented Reality Application was carried out at various malls in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. This activity was executed with use of Metaio SDK Software, computer graphics, sensors and LED screens creating a thrilling experience. The duration of the activity was 1 month, it started on 7th July 2012 and ceased on 5th Aug, 2012.

This engaging activity was completely new and overwhelming experience for the audience. Xenium Digital conceptualized and designed the event keeping in mind the theme and feel of the show. The show’s motive to tease the audience with fear of the unknown was communicated successfully. The event generated essential buzz and mystery for the show across these cities.

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