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The Brief

GIFT city (Gujarat International Financial Tec-City) near Ahmedabad was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brainchild to create something similar to the, ‘Wall Street in New York’ or the financial hub in Singapore. This ambitious project besides being a base for Indian financial giants would also attract foreign investors who can start their operations here. They will be exempted from certain taxes which made this project an attractive proposition. All this would put India in the spotlight and it is not very often that we witness an undertaking of this scale. While the infrastructure was still in its preliminary stage of construction, even otherwise it would be impractical to show the visitors around on a golf cart or a tour bus. It would not have been intuitive and for privileged dignitaries, it would seem like a waste of time. Our clients needed a way around this and come up with a solution where they would not have to physically exert themselves and still receive an informed tour around the premises. The event was scheduled to be at the Vibrant Expo in Gujarat.



Virtual reality was the suggested solution and we created a corner cave with two screens, a controller could let the user interact with the simulation and select the kind of information they wanted to view, it was an excellent way to way to get to know all about the project.



The project was a success and a useful tool for our clients to showcase exactly what they wanted to, in order to convince potential investors how ambitious their vision was. We were glad we could be of help and projects like these has made Xenium confident that they can handle work of any scale.

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