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Project Overview

Name: Oculus Rift
Date: March’15
Technology: Oculus Rift
Brand: Tata Prima

Spectators were thrilled to participate in the Tata T1 Prima racing with the help of advanced Technologies from Xenium Digital.  Innovative Solution such as Step it up & Oculus Rift were put to use for motorsport enthusiasts at the race event. Xenium provided a Digital way for audience to play the Tata Prima Truck Race.

Experience with Oculus

A three dimensional replica of Buddh International Circuit was designed for the event. To provide immersive experience Oculus Rift was use in which user was taken to the Driving Seat of Tata Prima Truck at the Buddha International Circuit. Seperate Driving console was also provided to the user. Xenium integrated this Driving Console Control Gear seamlessly with the Oculus Rift. Thus, user wearing Oculus Rift can control his movement using the Driving Console. Given the huge fan base of Tata Prima Truck Race, the spectators were provided with a real experience of driving the Truck on the Circuit with the use of Oculus Rift and Driving Console Technology.

Experience with Step it up

On a separate booth Prima Truck Race game was also installed by Xenium called as “Step it up”. In this, three separate running paddles were fixed on the Ground. In front of this paddle was a Giant Screen with Track race. The screen displays three different Prima Truck on a Circuit. Three Participants needs to step-up on respective paddle to start the race. To drive the Truck, participant were required to step on the paddle and run over it as quickly as possible. The frequency with their feet press the paddle is directly proportional to the speed of the Truck inside the Screen. This gaming Experience provided by Xenium was a treat to the eyes. We observed tremendous rush towards the booth with friends and family challenging each other for the race.

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