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Project Overview

Name: Tata Expo
Technology: Transparent screen, Rotoscope
Place: Delhi

The Brief

Tata Motors is an Indian vehicle manufacturer that has given this country, iconic cars such as theIndica and Safari. When Tata was developing an entirely new car for the Indian market, branded as the ‘Zest’, it was hoping to repeat the success it had with its previous vehicles. The Tata Zest features a brilliantly engineered ‘Revtron’ engine with multiple driving modes and a turbocharger, which was good for both gas mileage and performance. Conveying the painstaking efforts that went into the testing and development of an entirely new platform, engine and drivetrain were as important as letting people know its benefits.

Together with the Laqshya Media, TVS Tyres brief for their latest AGRI RADIAL TYRE ‘TIGERTRAC’ concerning their exhibit at the trade show was initialized. The live augmented reality activation was conceptualized to give all the visitors an opportunity to experience and relate to the product.

The AR activation for the same featured the Royal Bengal Tiger. The tiger’s movement around the AGRI RADIAL TYRE was well choreographed to interact with the visitors, positioned on the marker. They could interact with the tigers which walked around, stood upright and sat beside them. The visitor could also take a picture with the tigers which was later shared with them. Created with state of the art Metaio SDK for AR and enhanced with realistic graphics and audio, the activity effectively captivated its audience.


Which is why Tata wanted the interaction to be effective. It was important that the car would be able to generate curiosity and pull the visitors to make them want to know more about the vehicle. Xenium Digital had the technology to create the right kind of impact using experiential solutions. With the help of a manual sliding rotoscope and a transparent interactive touchscreen, the innovations were showcased in an unconventional manner.


Manual Rotoscope

An true to scale image of the car was placed behind a transparent screen mounted on the ramp. The screen would move back and forth throughout the length of the car displaying specific information about every component.


Transparent Touchscreen.

The latest generation of Revtron was engine was placed behind a transparent touchscreen and as per the inputs provided by the user, the touchscreen would display the necessary information regarding every new innovation in the engine.



The interactive setup generated a lot of hype as no other car manufacturer had used this technology to present its products. This helped to build our image as a solutions provider across all domains in the industry and build a strong relationship with Tata Motors for the years to come.

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