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Project Overview

Name: Standard Chartered Google Sandbox Event
Technology: Multitaction
Brand:  Standard Chartered


Standard Chartered is a British-multinational giant with operations all around the world. Headquartered in London, England, it extends its financial services to clients located in more than 70 countries around the world. Even though its base is in London, it does not conduct any retail banking services there, as most of its revenue comes from Asian countries. More than 70% of it, which is why they wanted to ensure that their brand remained relevant to the masses. Google hosts the ‘Sandbox’ event that attracts a good amount of crowd from all around the world. Corporates and developers from all around the country make their presence felt. The event is an extremely good platform for IT companies to flex and showcase their strength. There is very little for a financial organisation to do at this place, which is why Standard Chartered decided to engage with its potential customers but make sure it is fun.
With this step, team Xenium has developed an experience to curate big data for a Corporate Presentation and develop 3d content like never before.

The Project

Using the Multitactionscreen as the medium, Xenium developed a game that everyone has grown up playing. All of us are familiar with ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and the fact that it is extremely easy to play makes it even more intuitive. It appeals to every age group and hence it was the game of choice.



Participants at the event readily interacted with the setup. They loved the idea of something fun on a giant interactive screen. Standard Chartered ensured subtle branding around the game which may not ensure brand recall but at least engaging with the setup ensured that its end goal was reached. Standard Chartered had to announce that it was here and it was open for business.

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