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Project Overview

Name: Live 360° Video Streaming
Date: Dec’14
Technology: Virtual Reality
Brand: Reliance Jio


Xenium Digital achieved another milestone, by doing a Live Virtual Broadcast, of the launch of the Reliance Jio Network, one of the India’s pioneers in 4G Technology. Xenium Digital did it in with style and precision, which left the target audience in complete “awwe”

The Event

As one could expect, at the it was a huge crowd of eminent guests at the venue, however, for the guests who were unable to attend in person, a Live Virtual Broadcast was done which could be seen over wearables such as Samsung Gear VR and Google CardBoard. It was an mesmerizing experience for them, since it gave them an illusion of being virtually present at the venue. The “Virtual Guest”(wearing the Samsung Gear VR or Google CardBoard) had the freedom to look around the live event and at the venue in any direction during the live broadcast, the application would render the exact 3D view in real time. The real-time boradcast was captured through 8 vantage points (i.e. 8 units of 360 Live Shooting Camera) and streaming done over a 10 MBS line on the Reliance Jio Network. This also proved the robustness and reliability of the Reliance Jio Network at large, which was one of the objective of doing a Live Virtual Broadcast of the event.

Live-streaming “virtual reality content” is a breakthrough technology, which has got an immense potential in the future. We expect a lot of creative and commercial applications of it in the time to come.

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