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Project Overview

Name: MRF Tyre showcase in Auto Expo
Type: Product Showcase
Date: Feb 18
Brand:  MRF Tyre


MRF India has established itself as one of the key players around the world. From a company with humble beginnings to being a world class tyre manufacturer producing everything from bike tyres to rubbers used in the landing gear of jet fighters. MRF is quite literally a world-class brand. The problem remains though that not everyone is equally aware of their success and capabilities. The invasion of international brands into the domestic markets and the bigger players overshadow’s the company’s achievements. MRF just wanted to make people aware of their vast presence through three of its products, the Masseter (motorcycles), wanderer (SUV’s) and Aeromuscule (jet fighters), signifying one experience from land to sky. MRF Tyres wanted to catch a potential consumers attention and drive him straight to the showroom. They approached us to come up with a solution.
The event was supposed to be held at the 2018 Delhi Auto Expo.

The Project

Consumer interaction is key in today’s world to ensure brand recall. The better the interaction, more immediate the recall. We choose to opt for a combination of motion tracking and gesture control technology in order to develop a game that will engage the user and make him feel like he’s in the middle of all the action. The game would first begin with a bike, where the user would have to control it on a track and get the highest score, the bike would transform into an SUV and you would have to drive it through an off-road circuit. The last phase of the game would be with a jet fighter and finally, the score would be a sum of all the three simulations.


The concept was a hit and while there were no takeaways from this activity, neither were the MRF tyre prices mentioned anywhere, instead, it accomplished what MRF India had initially set out do. It gave the visitors who came to the Auto Expo a better understanding of the brand, it educated them that MRF was not only about bikes and cars, it was a lot more and all this while enjoying something as engaging as a game was a win-win situation for everyone.

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