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The Brief

Mercedes-Benz stands for luxury and the Mercedes Benz E-class has been holding the fort in its segment for quite some time now. Its delicate mix of comfort with technology has been its key selling point. Mercedes decided to upgrade the existing model by coming up with an extended wheelbase variant of it, that can eat into the market share of rivals such as the BMW 5 series, 7 series, the Audi A6 and A8. It was a good move for a brand that is already extremely established in the market. But the launch had to be grand since it was the first of its kind in this segment. They approached us to give an immersive experience that would demonstrate the 26 new features of the car in a much better way along with the extended wheelbase.

The Solution

It is very frustrating to look at every feature of the car on a big screen unless we view it in person. Even if the image of the car is projected on a big screen, a static image describing the features is not the best way to get complete information about the updated product. 3D animation has been evolving over the past few years and today we are at the pinnacle of this technology, we decided this was the best way to do it. A 3D representation of the car helps with understanding exactly what the car’s features were before and how we have upgraded them. It also helps us understand how much difference 205 mm of extended wheelbase in the passenger area can be. We created an exact 3D replica of the car and put it up on the big screen during the presentation.


The 3D animation described all the features in great detail ensuring even though the car did not go through any major cosmetic changes, the subtle upgrades here and there would add up to make a big difference in an already fantastic car.

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