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Project Overview

Name: Augmented Reality Fashion Show
Date: April’17
Technology: Augmented Reality
Brand: Magnum


Magnum ice creams are the luxury equivalent to foods, what otherwise Mercedes Benz is to cars. The tag-line of the brand is ‘Ice-cream Indulgence’. Their approach towards ice-cream speaks for itself. The brand is in the zone of fashion, exuberance and luxury. All of which is synonymous with the high life. The world of Magnum had to be different and unique in comparison to the rest of the brands in the clutter. They did not wish to boost their sales or speak about any special offers, they only wanted to establish the positioning of their brand in the market so that people would know exactly what to expect when they heard the name, ‘Magnum’. Unilever is having a very good run with extremely successful products in the market, they wanted Magnum to be another feather on their hat. To ensure the success of the brand, they conceptualised a fashion show, that would bring together some of the most popular fashionistas, socialites and film celebrities. The venue that was chosen would be the world’s most expensive residential tower,’Antilia’. Everything was great, but to take it a step further, the brand wanted to somehow blend the concept that they have been showcasing in their ad campaigns, ‘Unleash your wild side’ with the fashion show. They approached us to execute the idea.


Getting real animals on the ramp would be too dangerous and inhuman, this would not have been beneficial for the brand image and the well-being of the audience, We decided to use augmented reality to blend their concept with the actual fashion show. With the use of a simple camera and augmentation, we could create animals that would look like they were walking in front of the models which would then be displayed on the large screen behind the ramp.


With celebrities such as Malaika Arora, Sussanne Khan and Bipasha Basu gracing the ramp with their presence it was important for the brand to ensure it would create a strong recall. The brilliant combination of star power with a hint of creativity ensured the event was a success. Magnum has established itself in the market as a ‘premium luxury ice-cream’ brand today. The same wasn’t a direct result of the activity but it surely helps when technology and art come together to give your branding process a delicate nudge. This is exactly where Xenium Digital comes in.

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