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Project Overview

Name: L & T
Date: Aug’17
Technology: Augmented Reality
Place: Powai

L&T had an ongoing problem, where it was getting increasingly difficult to be able toexplain the basic processes while troubleshooting. There are various ways of approaching it, but for recurring issues, it was essential to stick to a pre-mediated medium of passing the information over to the employees on the job. Xenium Digital knew how to go about this.


Xenium Digital developed an app, that utilized augmented reality which would scan the entire machine, based on which, it would narrate a step-by-step systematic instructional process on how to troubleshoot for the specific equipment. The app would be so detailed that there would be a 3D instructional hand, that would also display the right tools and actions augmented over the equipment in question so that you will not miss a step. Even if the employee is new to the organisation, he or she will be at ease while operating the equipment or in the event that a troubleshooting is required.


Augmented reality can have extremely practical applications besides it being an effective marketing tool. It can educate and inform in ways that traditional methods fail to live up to.

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