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Project Overview

Name: Virtual Football
Date: Dec’14
Technology: Kinect Camera, VFX, Gesture
Brand: Indian Super League, Start Sports
City:7 Participating Cities

Framing the Objective

Brands have realized the importance of direct marketing and how important it is to grab the attention of your customers. However, the experience you deliver has a direct impact on the response your product receives by consumers. Organizers of Indian Super League realized this importance and started looking for Interactive way to promote the Inaugural Edition of ISL.”We are looking for alternate ways rather than traditional Mobile game or Desktop Applications to create an experience among the audiences.” Immediately Mall activations program for all the eight participating cities was booked and Xenium Digital was called in to create experiences among visitors in the Mall

The Solution

An Innovative solution was provided by Xenium’s team to use Gesture Based Technology for its promotion. Virtual Penalty shootout game was prepared by Xenium Lab. The game provides five opportunities to user to score Goals. A Giant screen displaying Goal-post & Goal-Keeper was placed in the event. Penalty marker was designed at appropriate distance for Players to shoot. Screen act as actual Goal Post to the player. As per the speed and direction of the Kick the ball moves towards the Goal Post inside Giant Screen. Here “Gesture Based Motion Sensor” technology was used by Xenium to detect the motion and speed of the kick. The data through these sensors is passed in the Game and the ball moves accordingly. The competence level to score a Goal depends upon the speed with which the ball is kicked at appropriate direction.


The Outcome

This innovative technology was used in promotional events of ISL. Prizes was handed out to participants that can score 4 times or more out of 5. With the easy use of technology and spirit of competence the Game created a huge impact in the overall event. High Footfalls and continuously engaged participants resulted in the successful execution of the project, thus meeting its objective.

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