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Project Overview

Name: Honda in Auto Expo
Type: Showcase of Upcoming and Present Car Models
Date: Feb 18
Brand:  Honda


Honda, globally has a huge product portfolio with multiple implications, all the way from the aviation industry to robots and lawnmowers. While it’s doing extremely well in the two-wheelers and passenger vehicles market locally, the same cannot be said about the rest of its portfolio,as it has not introduced it yet. The general public is very much unaware of its presence in the different markets and the innovations it has come up with,in the past few years. Honda wanted to showcase its extended family of products to India, which is the fastest growing economy in the world. With that in mind, Honda got the perfect opportunity to touch base with the general public at the AutoExpo 2018. They approached us to come up with an innovative solution to simply inform the people or rather peak their curiosity about Honda’s global portfolio. We were prepared.

The Project

We decided to use a touch-based interactive system that would use three LCD screens which would drop down to a tablet like touch panel. The entire setup would be seamless and random products from their portfolio would slowly descend from the top of the screens. The user would have to enter his details, E-mail ID, and phone number on the interactive touch tablet at the bottom, after which he could drag and drop any three of the items of his choice into his basket. The information of those three products would be eventually sent to his inbox.


While the stall at the Delhi AutoExpo wasn’t intended to sell anything or tell the people about Honda’s upcoming cars in India, it was supposed to inform the visitors at the expo about Honda’s other divisions in a subtle yet interesting manner. Xenium Digital was extremely successful in doing so and we hope to repeat our success in the upcoming projects.

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