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Project Overview

Name: HCL Experience Center
Date: Jan’17
Technology: Touch screen
Brand: HCL


HCL (Hindustan Computers Limited) is an Indian multinational technology company established in 1976. Not many people knew exactly what HCL’s roots were amongst other Indian companies and HCL wanted to change that, given the fact that it was constantly being featured in Forbes 500 list of companies along with catering to markets across multiple domains, itwas about time they made their presence felt in the market.

HCL decided to showcase their technological prowess at a customer experience centre they were setting up so that they can have an effective and interactive engagement program with the customers who walk in.


While Xenium Digital provided the technological support,the hardware was provided by HCL. Our biggest contribution was the conceptualization, content and introduction of a web-based platform called CMS which helped them customise the data without the intervention of a third party vendor. This made the entire process simple and HCL could update the content from time to time. The setup involved a transition zone, people zone, lounge and RFID.



Xenium was helpful to a company that manufactures the hardware on which our technology is generally based, it goes to showcase that it does not have to always be about the most high tech setup instead strategy and collaboration play a big role in making these activities a success.

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