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Project Overview

Name: Virtual Reality Corner Cave
Date: Jan18
Technology: Virtual Reality
Brand: GROHE


Xenium Digital had created 4 wall corner cave technology for newly open Grohe Spa at Singapore location. This project was aimed to show advancement in water technology brought to life by Grohe Singapore. Grohe is the biggest manufacturer of sanitary fittings in Europe and opened world’s first Shaw center in Singapore. Xenium Digital worked for Grohe Singapore and again we got ‘wow’ expression from audience coming to this Shaw center.

The Project

The project has been proposed for the brand Grohe to assist them to offer immersive 3D experience to their customers who visit showrooms. The technology would be permanently installed and executed in the showrooms of Grohe Singapore.

The most interactive Virtual Reality Corner Cave has been suggested by Xenium Digital. This technology will enable visitors at the showroom to get the 3D experience of the Grohe shower where the user can navigate, browse and interact with the content. Entire content will be created by us including UI UX, Designing, Story Boarding, Optimization, Programming, and coding, etc.

The user can see landing screen with instruction about how to interact with the shower configuration tool. For Example, User can select Head shower which he/she has to assemble using respective spare part. The user can start assembling shower step by step using controller each part user can rotate, turn and flip to fit with the required part.  As soon as the user finishes the assembly the same shower he/she can experience on corner cave.  Real life experience will be displayed on cave screen. The user can save; share the experience in video format.

Xenium Digital is always one step ahead in using advanced virtual reality technology with Potential clients. The top international brand comes to us with the dream and we complete it with the help of innovation and technology.

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