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Project Overview

Name: Grohe Virtual Reality Headgear
Technology: VR
Brand:  Grohe Singapore


Virtual Reality is a tool that lets brands create an all-new dimension. A place where the user can experience everything without the need to subject himself to the drawbacks of experiencing the same product in the actual world. Drawbacks such as lack of space, physical instructions such as not being able to use the product in public, not being able to travel for long distances or simply not being able to manipulate the environment as per his or her preferences. With a pre-existing simulation one can easily replicate the look and feel of the person’s surrounding and if required improve on it.

Grohe understood that their shower systems were not exactly possible for the customers to experience first-hand. A problem they had identified quite some time back but didn’t know what to do about. When they looked at experiential marketing they knew they had found a solution. Grohe approached us to execute this project for their sales team that was struggling to give their potential customers an idea of how good their product was.

The Project

We created a Virtual Reality simulation coupled with a headgear and a 360-degree app that would control the simulation. The concept was simple, choose the shower systems you wish to experience and the simulation will showcase the pattern in which the shower systems would dispense water.


The project was an absolute success, it helped us take our relationship with the brand further and create a retail-based simulation for a brand outlet in Singapore.

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