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Project Overview

Name: Virtual Reality Corner Cave
Date: Jan 18
Technology: Virtual Reality
Brand:  GROHE


Grohe takes the process of dispensing water extremely seriously, to the point that it could be called, ‘art’ for those who take one look at their design. What is even more fantastic, is the way their productsdispense water. Be it their faucets or showers, all their products are beautifully crafted, to say the least. But one should only experience these products to actually discover the way they make you feel and why they call themselves as ‘the future of bathrooms’. Grohe had a major issue though. The customers could very conveniently experience their faucets and similar products, but the same could not be said for their shower systems. They approached us for a solution.


The beauty of virtual reality is that it can easily recreate actual experiences in the form of simulations that can be played time and again using a basic VR headset and some software. Grohe, Singapore wanted to install one such simulation that would be installed permanently in one of their retail outlets. The simulation we created was a booth that had a very basic setup, that required 3D glasses and a tablet that was pre-programmed to recreate simulations of the endless SKU’s they had to offer. The user could choose and list-down the shower systems they wanted to experience on the tablet in the sequence that they desired. Once the inputs were given, they had to simply step into the booth and the simulation would do the rest.


The advantage of the simulation being user engagement to a level that would bring them closer to reality in comparison to any other medium. The ease of set up would also ensure the equipment can be demonstrated at an event or could be placed in any other outlet if required. We enhanced Grohe’s connect with their potential and existing customers, we believe we could be equally useful to any other brand who wish to explore experiential marketing to highlight their products.

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