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Project Overview

Name: Forever Mark engages users with Advanced Digital Technology
Date: July’15
Technology: Multitaction, RFID, Rotoscope, Touch table
Brand: Forever Mark


With more and more traditional marketers turning towards immersive technologies for interaction with users, Xenium Digital recently worked with Forevermark to engage its user with the brand in an innovative way.

Xenium provided 4 Advanced Digital Solutions for the event.

  1. RFID
  2. Touch Kiosk
  3. Advanced Multitouch Table
  4. Rotoscope

The Event

RFID: This technology was used at the entrance of the event which was held in Hyderabad. Users were provided with RFID bands at the time of registration. The bands were scanned at the entrance of the Main Event. As soon as our system scans the Band, Welcome message along with relevant images of user was displayed at the huge video wall setup in front of them. Guest were amazed with this innovative use of technology for their welcome and appreciated the same. We were able to grab attention of users with this technology

Touch Kiosk: A 42’ single touch Kiosk was also been used to engage users in their ideal time. This self-explanatory touch Kiosk was helpful in engaging user with the brand. Its content include, Videos of retailers, information about Forevermark& user feedback.

Multitaction:This intuitive table is being highly engaged and appreciated by users and clients for its multi-touch interaction with the content. MultiTaction displays are able to detect every object and 2D bar code that interacts with or is placed on the system.Forevermark used this table along with 6 markers to display its different Diamond collections. Each marker when placed on the table displays different collections of Diamond. There were images, videos and relevant content for each collections.

Rotoscope:The highly engaged, immersive technology rotoscope was the centre of attraction among all the technologies. Rotoscope is a combination of animation process named digital rotoscoping, X-ray vision technology and interactive touch screen. Imagine a detailed 3D graphic display, an x-ray visual of your product at an exhibition where the audience is able to interact with the product.Forevermark used this technology to immerse user with the Journey of a Diamond right from mining, sorting, Cutting to becoming a forevermark diamond. This interactive technology created a huge impact on the user for understanding the journey of a ForevermarkDiamond.

Take away: With the use of innovative technologies, forevermark was able to provide an experience of the Brand among its guests and media.

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