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Project Overview

Name: Augmenting Manequin
Date: Feb’15
Technology: Augmented Reality App

Xenium believes that Augmented Reality will shape-up the way the world communicates and interact. With our constant knowledge and passion for technology, we have shaped up many stories, but this one was very special for us. Our client being from the pharmaceutical sector, came to us with a brief that we could not refuse. Their brief was to provide an innovative way to promote their anticancer drugs at a recently held medical conference in Hyderabad.

The Concept

We know that the proliferation of smart phones and tablets today has presented augmented reality the right opportunity to take the centre stage in consumer market. Hence, we conceptualized a unique solution for the clients using AR. To communicate better and to allow the doctor’s visiting the conference an experience to understand the way anticancer drugs affect the patient, we transformed a Mannequin into a real patient at their stall.

Development & Execution

A dedicated application was designed using the iOS platform for Ipads, which after scanning the marker placed on the mannequin, transformed into a real patient through image recognition. The doctor was required to hold the Ipad over the mannequin to see a 3D image of the patient to appear and show the different cancers present on their body. The app comprised of various detailed case studies recorded by the client and the effect of the treatment on the patients.

The app demonstrated a controlled way to understand the diseases and the drugs consistently. 3D models of the drugs were also presented to the doctors with the help of different marker for each.

The client received a very positive response from the doctors at the conference. It garnered praise from the visitors for its innovation and interactive activation for its anticancer drugs.

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