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Project Overview

Name: BASF
Type: Products Introduction
Date: May 18
Technology: Augmented Reality

The Brief

BASF is a chemical giant and by sales alone, it is the worlds largest chemical company. BASF India did not have a very good presence locally, which is why they wanted to have a face to face conversation with their end users (farmers) and tell them the benefits of using their two products Sefina and Priaxor.Sefina is powered by a new active ingredient calledInscalis, derived from the first of its kind chemical class, Pyropenes.These are quality products and besides having great core benefits have the added feature of being less harmful to the environment in comparison to other locally available insecticides and fungicides in the market. BASF chemicals had a very clear vision as to where they wanted their brand to be. We had a clear vision on how to get them there.

The Project

Insecticides and Fungicides are not very interesting and extremely technical to explain. We had to use our imagination and with the help of on-ground augmentation, we were able to explain exactly how BASF’s products were better than the competition. We created an experience around the user (the farmer) where we identified their problems and recreated it using animation, augmented reality took the presentation further into an entirely new dimension.  This had a much better impact than what a traditional AV would otherwise have on the user.


Augmented reality is a very interesting way to impart information, which would otherwise be difficult to understand by the end user. Speciallyusefull for highly technical products.

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