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Project Overview

Name: Abbott
Date: Feb’15
Technology: Multitaction Table


We all know that pharmaceutical marketing costs are phenomenal. The concept of Consumer and customer in this industry is very complex, In case of Prescription drugs the doctors are the actual customer and the patient is consumer as the sale of drug is affected only by the prescription of doctors. In OTC (Non prescription) drug the patient is the customer as there is no prescription from the doctor


Their promotion cannot be done on social media like TV, Internet, Radio or public places. It is carried through direct marketing by the medical Reps to the Doctors. Further, other critical factors such as prominent performance related issues, busy doctors giving less time for sales calls add to its existing marketing challenges.


In such case getting attention a doctor for a promotional product is itself a challenge. It is critical that the maximum product information is communicated in available time. To leverage this mode of knowledge transfer Xenium technologies was called in by Abbott, India’s fastest growing pharmaceutical company. They were participating at Association of Physician of India event (Apicon 2015). The event was held in Gurgaon and a large number of Physician from all over India visited this event.

The Event

Xenium’s provided its advanced interactive display “Multitaction Table” to Abbott to gain attraction of Physicians and provide maximum information of its product in this intuitive table. A state-of-the-art interactive experience, multitaction unlock new ways of thinking, innovation and creation. Compelling 3d designs complimenting the products was designed by Xenium. This table is capable of sensing multiple touch, IR pens and real life objects. You can stretch or compress the Videos or display multiple objects/products in it. Multiple attendants can use the same table to interact with different products.


This table was installed on-site at the exhibition which gradually became the center of attraction of the booth. Abbott experienced large number of footfalls with people asking details and information about its product. The information was passed seamlessly with the use of this advanced technology which holds information about Abbott’s product related to Gastro, cardiac, diabetes, hepato, neuro etc. People acknowledged the use of this advanced technology with enthusiasm and appreciated the efforts of Abbott for providing this seamless transfer of information.


The event was concluded on a high note for Abbott with successful delivery of its product info to targeted users. Browse through the images of the event below and let us know your comments.

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