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Data discovery, medicinal & healthcare imaging, Geographic exploration, digital storyboard, commercial as well as industrial design and many more countless applications can be explored and implemented with the help of multitouch technology. One does not require any kind of formal training to make use of this, it is very simple, elegant and intuitive nature. The substitution of traditional technologies like keyboards and mouse here, enables the user to directly interact with the information just by the touch of his fingers. Multitouch and multi-users systems have great potential and have attracted the attention of many designers and programmers to figure out the endless possibilities.

Today every individual is aware of the touch technology because of the wild popularity of smart phones. With gadgets like mobile, laptops and television evolving and making communication easier, clients too are looking for ways in which their brands can directly interact with their consumers. Multitouch technology has the ability to break these long-established boundaries and come up with new methods for innovative brand interaction.

Large interactive multitouch walls when put together can be of great advantage as the number of user’s the brand interacts with at the same time increases. We a Mumbai based Digital Advertising Agency also provide clients a technology where any surface can be transformed into touchscreen interactive. With the increase in demand for touch technology, the application has expanded to consumer devices. Industrial equipment, medical products and a lot of non-consumer products are also in the process of using it for ease of use for various functions and procedures. From hotels to cinema, from supermarkets to museums and to a variety of outdoor public installations, multitouch technology can be used in many ways.

Clients can create touch tables and walls by installing multi touch LCDs at their stores, on ground events, conferences, showrooms, airports, stadiums, nightclubs and trade exhibitions. They can advertise their brand content by game development or by creating service application.

Multi-touch improves the buyer experience by enhanced content navigation. Its hardware can read several inputs simultaneously. This technology has synced together computing, control and communication. There are numerous gesture movements which can be used in this application like two fingered “rotate, zoom and pinch”, scrolling and panning through lists and swiping to the adjacent pictures or screens. This user-centric interface can be developed by leveraging multitouch technology which in turn will result in a superior drift-free performance, excellent visual clarity and a fast, precise response time.

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