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Address :

301-305, Ecostar,
Vishveshwar Nagar Rd,
Churi Wadi,
Near Udupi Vihar,
Goregaon East,
Mumbai 400063


Located at the financial capital of India – Mumbai, Our Lab showcases advanced tools such as Virtual Reality Corner
Cave, Transparent LCD, Gesture-Based Technology, Augmented Reality, Oculus Rift, Rotoscope, Cinema
Experience and tech from some of the most innovative companies on the planet.

Our lab provides a unique space in which visitors can experience the latest tech and experiential projects developed by Xenium.

We hold a regular group as well as one-on-one demonstrations for agencies and clients who have either prepared a brief or are
simply seeking inspiration for their next project. We also welcome people who are interested in engaging with unique and futuristic
technologies. Our Demo Studio enables us to showcase the in-house facilities and tools we have at our disposal. We also have a
specialist team to explain the creative and technical process that underpins each installation or project.

The Experience

We’ve worked with clients from a range of industries
including Real Estate, Healthcare, Entertainment,
Automotive, architecture, fashion and retail, producing
ground-breaking creative installations that include

    • Virtual Reality Corner Cave
    • Transparent LCD
    • Multitaction
    • Rotoscope
    • Touch Simulation
    • Simulation & many more

All of which are available for you to experience at your lab.

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