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Project Overview

Name: Google Voice Assistant for SK – II
Date: Jan’ 18
Technology: Voice Recognisation
Brand: SK – II


Xenium Digital had done successfully a challenging task; by doing a Live voice communication with Google Voice assistant using Google home device. We did it for the SK – II product marketing in Singapore, which is the famous for High End Skin Care & Beauty Products. Xenium Digital did it with special kind, so audience become “wow” while listening responses from Google voice AI.

The Event

Consider the Scene that your consumer asking some questions to Google voice assistant and it responds according to given queries related to your brand only! What do you say, is it not really amazing? Yes we did this and make it practical for SK – II.
SK – II is the well known cosmetic products company in world. They want to do promotion of their products in Singapore. We took this approach to get more popularize their brand. We create such technology with help of Google Voice Assistant to target audiences of SK – II brand providing experiential marketing
In coming days, Voice assistant may be the dominant marketing platform to attract users. We suggest business owners to learn more about this and grab this opportunity as it has lot to offer for business users.

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