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Mainstream gesture recognition being right around the corner, there is a very important question that arises. Are clients ready to use the best technologies available for advertising their brands? Let us understand the application of this technology better. Gesture Recognition can be developed to communicate with many electronic devices such as computers, smart phones, smart TV’s or even with emerging wearable technology like Oculus Rift and AR Glasses. In the recent years, it has already been executed using wired gloves and camera-based detection.

The Gesture Recognition market has been segmented by the different types like face, eye, voice, body and finger motion tracking. It is also segmented on the basis of the different technologies used for such as 2D Camera, 3D Camera, ultra Sonic, infrared arrays, and electric near field. Out of all, 2D camera will be mostly used for smart phones, whereas other emerging technologies is predicted to have a significant growth in the market. It has been commercialized to a huge extend in the automobile and the gaming industry.

Gesture Recognition is a  step closer to highly personalized technology. Hence, clients can start visualizing a future where consumers can interact with their brand with a simple gesture, voice and facial activity. Consumer electronics companies and other tech players have already started integrating these applications with their products to make them more user friendly and to create a unique brand identity. The future of Gesture Technology is endless and its applications are unlimited. Let’s take a look at how Xenium Digital can make use of this technology for digitizing your brand.

Thinking productively, brands across all industries can employ this technology very practically but efficiently. Hospitals, airports, hotels can provide large screen gesture based displays, which help the users to navigate through the brand services, product features, premises, etc. Various events and mall activities can be organized to entice people with interactive and engaging experiences. Gesture recognition window shop display is a very innovative idea which clients from automobile, fashion, consumer electronics industry can apply for consumer interaction and after sale services. This application will help them captivate potential buyers. Such applications can be effortlessly synced with smart phones to maximize the user experience.

Gesture and facial recognition technology have come a long way, from being in mainstream game consoles to branded art installation and fun gimmicks. We are no longer restricted to poor quality or unresponsive equipment and indoor environment. Gesture Recognition solutions by us can be easily implemented outdoors and on smart phones. These gesture modules are executed with an infrared projection and a built-in camera along with a software to track and process changes in the visible image stream and the IR projection field.

Interactive Cinema
Xenium Digital provides an Interactive Cinema Solution to brand who want to advertise in theatres. Interactive Cinema is a patented, camera-based system that reacts directly to any movement in its surrounding area. It creates a visual impact that consumers simply can’t ignore. This camera based system actually looks out at the surrounding area and reacts directly to the movement. It tracks even the most subtle of movements, creating a never ending experience.

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